The team

  • Brynjar Bandlien

    Brynjar Bandlien

    Brynjar Åbel Bandlien (1975) was educated in dance in his native Norway and in Germany. In the period 1995-1998 he worked as a professional dancer with the Netherlands Dance Theater 2 in Holland before pursuing a career as a contemporary dancer in the European scene. He has worked and collaborated with artist such as Vera Mantero, Manuel Pelmus, Raimund Hoghe, Antonija Livingstone, Philipp Gehmacher and Jennifer Lacey. Since 2004 Bandlien lived and worked in Bucharest Romania and was part of the community that built the CNDB. In this period he was active dancing, teaching yoga, giving workshops and participating politically. He also curated the program Zilele Strimbe (Crooked Days) as part of the CNDB season in 2008. As a choreographer he staged the works O in 2005 and Still in 2008. In September 2011 he is presenting his edition of Romanian Dance History in Oslo, Norway. Bandlien is based in Oslo, Bucharest and Berlin.

  • Manuel Pelmus

    Manuel Pelmus

    Manuel Pelmus is one of the most well-known representatives of Romanian dance in the international context. He studied dance at the “Floria Capsali” Dance School in Bucharest and at the Hamburg State Dance School before starting his own work in 1998.
    Since 1998, he has developed numerous own projects and dance performances, which have been presented internationally in theatres, alternative places, galleries or festivals such as Tanz im August Berlin, TanzQuartier Wien, De Singel Antwerp or Judson Church New York. He was invited as artist-in-residence by such institutions as DAAD Berlin, Tanz Quartier Wien, Centre National dela Danse Paris, etc.
    His latest collaborations include dancers and choreographers Mart Kangro, Isabelle Schad, Thomas Lehmen, Brynjar Bandlien, Bruno Pocheron and Frederic Gies.
    His latest works, such as “Outcome”, Punct Fix” “Still Lives”(by Schad, Pocheron, Gies and Pelmus) and “preview” have been presented in well-known festivals all over Europe and the United States.In 2007 his solo “preview” was nominated in Ballettanz International as “important production of the season” by Austrian critic Helmut Ploebst.

  • Farid Fairuz

    Farid Fairuz

    Until he reinvented himself as Farid Fairuz and assumed a fictional biography and another way to interact with the public space, the artist Mihai Mihalcea was one of the most active in the field of contemporary dance in Romania after 1989. He initiated many of the projects that led to the international recognition of Romanian contemporary dance and to the establishment of structures and institutions that have become landmarks of this area. Since the end of 2005 he is director of the National Dance Center in Bucharest, a public institution funded by The Ministry of Culture. Mihai Mihalcea/Farid Fairuz created performances and have danced in other choreographic works presented in France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria, USA, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Portugal, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Slovenia. He created also Solitude Project (NGO), a frame designed as a Cultural Association, which aims to encourage the research and the experiment in contemporary arts theory and practice and sustain the creation of environment in favor of the dialogue, reflection and debate. The association is also designed to produce, develop and promote the artistic work created by Farid Fairuz. Since 2011, Solitude Project manages Caminul Cultural (a frame initiated by Brynjar Bandlien, Farid Fairuz & Manuel Pelmus) and subRahova (underRahova - a space for contemporary arts situated in a worker district in Bucharest). His last work Realia (Bucharest-Beirut) has been presented in premiere in November 2012 in the frame of Temps D'Images Festival in Cluj Napoca. In 2013 he is invited as artist in the frame of Junge Akademie at Akademie der Kunste Berlin.

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